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Every single moment of my professional career has been spent in the event business. I know what working long hours (meaning well over 8 hours/day, and doing so without any days off for weeks at a time), nights and weekends is all about. Basically, working when the rest of the world seems to have off.

I know what it means to work on a team, working with other departments – including marketing, development, production, security, finance, food and beverage and operations – to pull all of the pieces together to get a job done. I also know what’s it’s like to grind independently when the situation calls for it, grabbing a task and running with it to make sure the job gets done.

If you’re looking for ways to promote your own business – your own team and its players – there are a lot of ways I can help. Let me be your Swiss Army Knife.


I’ve spent a lot of time editing and formatting other people’s work, setting a standard for quality and professionalism while referring to the AP style guide. I also have spent a lot of time writing my own features, talking to players, coaches and family members, among other people, to write compelling stories.

Player features? I’ve done plenty of those. Game recaps? Check. Championship stories? Yessir. Be sure to view any of the features here at The Grind to get an idea of my writing talents. Here are a few additional stories from Perfect Game to help provide an idea of the range of my work:


A lot of what I have wrote over the years has an emphasis on scouting, putting my thoughts on players into words and sharing those online with an emphasis on promoting players and their individual development. Again, there are examples of my scouting work here at and similar thoughts can be shared on your players in a variety of different ways.


Video is one of the many ways to help promote players, and YouTube itself can be a powerful search engine. I have years of experience taking, editing and uploading video, while also establishing contact with professional videographers from different parts of the country to use their assets in a variety of ways.


Taking pictures at events is another area I have experience in, and pictures, like video, is another powerful medium to use to help market your team, players and overall brand.

Social Media

It’s a great big, new world out there and if you don’t adapt you’re going to be left behind. Social media is yet another powerful tool to help promote your team and its players, whether you’re providing scouting insight or simply using it to broadcast messages. Videos and pictures go hand in hand with social media and effectively juggling these creative assets go a long way to creating successful engagements.

Broadcast Media

Not only can I help you look good behind the scenes, but I also can be involved with speaking roles to promote what you and your organization do best. I have provided game analysis as a color commentator for events including the Perfect Game All-American Classic on MLB Network Radio. I also have provided on-site analysis for SiriusXM Radio and ESPNU for the College World Series. All of this has led to numerous guest appearances on programs across the country providing expert baseball analysis.


Need a logo? An event program? Tickets and passes? I have experience designing all of these things and so much more. The same is true for event signage and I’ve been part of every step along the way from conception to completion. Meaning, I can not only assist with the design of what you need but I can also help you find the best places to get your materials printed, embroidered and produced, helping you ask the right questions to get the best prices and turnaround times.

Want to see more? Visit my Design Portfolio.


Every project is unique, and as a result it isn’t easy to provide rates without discussing the full scope of whatever project you have in mind. I encourage you to reach out to me using the contact link at the top of the site so we can discuss what you have in mind. Once contact and mutual interest is established via email we can take our next conversation to a phone (or Zoom) call; being able to brainstorm and problem solve are among my favorite activities. I am willing to travel and I ask a lot of questions and share a lot of opinions and insight before money ever enters my crosshairs.


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